Turbo Repairs

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If your turbo has failed, AET Turbos’ turbo repairs service is an excellent choice to get you back on the road quickly (usually at a lower cost than a new or re-manufactured turbo). Turbo repairs start from just £199+VAT.

Custom Turbos

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We can also offer a range of custom tuned turbos allowing your vehicles to exceed its standard power applications. One way to do this is via a production hybrid. Working with the original components, we can increase the size of the wheels and substitute internal components to increase the boost pressure or CFM while ensuring that the turbo can still cope with the increased thrust loading. 

The other option is a custom turbo, built specifically for your engine and requirements, the best way to get the ultimate turbo for your vehicle. 

Agriculture/Commercial/Marine Turbo Repairs 

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Repairing turbochargers is the most cost effective way of dealing with failed commercial turbos. The reason is that, in addition to getting the turbo fixed (often to a higher standard than OE), you also find it out why it failed. 

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