Engineering at AET Turbos

Here at AET Turbos, engineering is our passion, and it has played a crucial role in our history and evolution, dating back to the origin of the company in 1974.
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Director of Engineering

Our director of engineering, Shaun, has worked in the engineering industry for over 17 years. Starting at the age of 15, Shaun studied mechanical engineering at college and later trained as an apprentice engineer. He achieved NVQ levels 1,2 and 3 along with an advanced national diploma in engineering. 
Throughout his career, Shaun has carried out engineering work for various industries including consumer food and drink, printing, steel work, as well as power stations, including nuclear. 
He has also worked on large valves and pumps, along with steam trains, notably the Tornado.
During his time at AET, Shaun has pulled on his previous experience to establish a well functioning engineering and machining department, and quickly progressed through the ranks to become our director of engineering.


Our founder, Anthony Taylor, began his engineering career back in 1958 when he worked as an apprentice for the industrial engineering company, Mirrlees.

During his time with Mirrlees, Tony learned his trade by working on commercial diesel engines for industrial and power-generated applications. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Tony progressed to Holset Engineering Co, another British engineering company. Tony eventually became Special Projects Manager at Holset.

Then, after several exciting projects with Holset Engineering Co, notably including heavy involvement with turbochargers for Formula 1, Tony founded AET in 1974.

Engineering at AET 22


Since the company’s origin, here at AET, we have gained experience and have shaped our team to bestow unmatched levels of expertise when it comes to engineering.

Tony’s Son, Andy, joined the company in 1993. Andy, at this time, was studying computer-aided engineering at university and he was asked by his father to assist the business with a ‘few computer bits’. Following the receipt of his bachelor’s degree in computer-aided engineering, Andy found himself spending most days here, learning from his father and developing his knowledge of turbochargers and engineering.

Fast forward to the turn of the century, and in 2001, Tony decided to step down from his role and take a ‘backseat’ in the running of the company. Thus, Andy was appointed Managing Director of AET. Andy aimed to build on the already well-established heritage his father and team created over 25 years ago.

Now, in 2023 as we approach our 50th anniversary, Andy is known as the ‘holy-grail’ of turbo engineering, and he has built a team of knowledgeable and skilled engineers who can, with the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, manufacture and re-engineer almost anything!