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Motorsport The black art of winning

Considering how passionate we are about turbos, it would be surprising if we were not heavily involved in motorsport. The experts who work in our motorsport division know that you need more than just equipment and money to succeed. You also need an extra something — that secret formula that’s going to help you squeeze out every last drop of power. We call it Voodoo… that touch of black magic that comes from a unique mix of experience, expertise and talent, and gives you the edge you need to succeed.

We manufacture hybrid motorsport turbos for the following applications: fast road, circuit racing, drag, rally, rally cross, drifting, hill climb/sprint, marine, and snow mobiles.

Partnering with some of the greatest brands in the industry, such as MoTeC, Haltech and Borg Warner, AET Motorsport’s services include remapping, customer calibration, hybrid turbos and repairs, and turbo set up. Many of these services make use of our Dynapack™, an incredibly accurate chassis dyno that helps us in our quest to ensure our clients always have the advantage.