Custom Turbos

Turbos Instinct and technology in harmony

Production Hybrid

To enhance the power and responsiveness of your standard engine, a hybrid turbo is the ideal, cost-effective solution. Working with the original components, we can increase the size of the wheels and substitute internal components to increase the boost pressure or CFM while ensuring that the turbo can still cope with the increased thrust loading. This results in increased power for road and track usually up to the point just before the engine internals would require changing. If the demand from your engine is great enough, you can also take advantage of bespoke direct-fit housings. These turbine housings are typically larger than the originals, however they are designed to fit in the exact same way, which means no other engine adjustments are needed to fit the turbo.

Custom Hybrid

To get the ultimate turbo for your vehicle, it should be tailored specifically for your engine and requirements. For many years we have helped cars from all Motorsport disciplines, from drag to circuit, find that extra power they need. And the results have been outstanding. This kind of success comes from a thorough understanding of the Motorsport discipline and your vehicle, but also from developing a relationship with you and always remembering that the car is an extension of the driver, not the other way round.

Borg Warner and Garrett

An alternative route is to have a high-end motorsport turbo, developed by one of the biggest names in the industry, modified to meet your exact requirements. Our motorsport expertise means we know exactly how to convert these kind of turbos to match your requirements and help you win.

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