About AET Turbos

The Scientific Approach To Turbos

In turbo engineering, experience and expertise are the cornerstones of excellence. Since 1974, we have specialised in new and remanufactured turbochargers, turbo reconditioning and parts for commercial and passenger cars, agriculture, plant, marine, and power generation.

During that time, we have developed a reputation for a rigorous, scientific approach to turbos. Every repair, diagnosis or remanufacture takes place under strict laboratory conditions so that nothing is ever left to chance. This enables us to ‘engineer out‘ inherent defects in OE standard units, identify root problems that lead to failed turbochargers, and ensure that the product you get from us is technically perfect.

However, it’s also our attitude to service, our unique technical support and dedication to value that give our regular clients the confidence in our abilities. Our commitment to quality, cost efficiency, product range, superior, British remanufacturing and service exchange of all makes of turbochargers and associated products, means that our customers range from individuals to global corporations.

An independent company, AET was formed by Tony Taylor, Holset’s first Senior Sales Engineer. Now acting as chairman, AET is run by his son Andy who, along with a great team of engineers and support staff, has helped secure the company’s worldwide reputation as one of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry.

The highest standard in turbo quality

Quality has been at the forefront of every decision we have ever made — a fact that was recognised in 1990 when we became the first British turbo remanufacturing company to be awarded the ISO 9001 accreditation . Today, it still remains the case, and that is why we carry out work for the majority of the OE manufacturers. We were responsible for the design of many of their quality system processes. From the design of our rigorous testing processes, to the choice of our brand partners, we are committed to delivering the very highest standard of quality of turbos, spares and advice to our customers.

Your ISO guarantee.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international Standard that acts as your guarantee that you will receive the same level of quality assurance and service from AET as you would do if you were dealing directly with the manufacturer.

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