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We've bought a flow rig

Posted by Myles Doncaster on

We've bought a flow rig!

In our continual quest for perfection we have invested in a fantastic piece of kit; a VNT flow rig.

Garrett state that their VNT turbos cannot be reconditioned due to there being no flow rigs available.  Well, not any more ... we are the proud owners of the first one!  The VNT-Min-Flow from G3Concepts is a high precision calibration tool developed especially for the turbocharger re-manufacturing industry. It is designed to accurately measure the flow through the VGT mechanism and verify that it is set to the OEM factory setting, giving us the opportunity to adjust the critical minimum-flow stop to the correct setting before the turbocharger leaves our workshop. Once set, you can be assured that your turbocharger will perform correctly when it is fitted to the vehicle.

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