Ceramic Coating - Why bother?

Jun 14, 2018

Owen Developments make the step forward

Owen Developments have made the step forward to incorporate ceramic coating as standard on all their GBT performance turbo range. Why is this a great move? Well let us tell you......

The Benefits…

  • A robust fit-and-forget coating
  • It is in effect “welded” to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap, protecting components against corrosion, and continuing to perform and look good.
  • Ultra high level of thermal performance
  • Suitable for applications of up to 1,400oC (2,550oF);
  • Significantly lower exhaust temperatures, surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.
  • Reduced heat loss from the exhaust resulting in lower engine bay temperatures Reductions of >50 °C are possible.
  • Highly efficient yet lightweight.
  •  Only 0.3mm (0.012″) thick with minimal weight gain.
  • Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust, avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment inside the engine bay.
  • Improved engine performance and reliability
  • Lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power.  Keeping the heat inside the exhaust gases improves the flow rate, which in turn can improve cylinder scavenging, and allowing turbochargers to spool up more quickly.
  • Reduced heat soak through foot wells, bulkheads, etc.


Owen Developments are excited to include Zircotec performance white ceramic coating as standard on their range of performance turbos, this agreement brings further value added quality and performance to their range of turbos creating the highest specification/quality performance turbochargers out of the box.

Now for £100 your now getting what most companies charge between £200-250 for a coating and Zircotec are one of the best in the business with their Zircotec Performance White Ceramic Coating, want to know more about Zircotec?

Who are Zircotec? https://www.zircotec.com
What is Performance white coating?  www.zircotec.com/performance-white

We are happy to be the main distributor of Owen Development performance turbos and offer the whole GBT range here on our shop website, feel free to take a look at the range now and take home the power of the GBT range. 

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