The Future of driving: the biggest advancements in turbo technology

Feb 12, 2016
The future of driving: the biggest advancements in car technology

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives faster than ever before, and the automotive industry is no exception.

It’s an exciting time for car tech, as companies compete to integrate the latest developments into their models. Discover the cars of the future, today, with our round up of the 6 most exciting pieces of automotive tech set to hit the market in the coming years.

Driverless technology

Ok, so we’re still a few years away from the truly driverless car, but there’s a huge self-driving technology arms race going on. Every mainstream automaker is working on their own tech, alongside technology businesses like Google and Apple and even taxi companies, in a race to develop the first commercially viable driverless cars.

In the short term, there’s loads of high-tech driver assistance technology coming to market.

Lane-assist and speed monitoring tech like active cruise control are becoming more commonplace – and GM has developed a new Super Cruise system for 2016, which will enable its vehicles to virtually drive themselves on the motorway.

Self-parking technology is also advancing quickly. The new 2016 BMW 7 Series can park itself, without anyone in the driving seat!

The replacement of displacement

The drive towards smaller, more powerful and more efficient engines has been going on for more than a decade, but there’s still plenty more to be squeezed out of the internal combustion engine.

In the next 5 years, we’d be amazed if we didn’t see the first 4-cylinder supercar pushing 200mph!

Whilst hybrid technology, alternative fuels and electric vehicles all have their place in this process, the turbocharger is likely to remain the key technology driving the shift towards smaller engines and advanced vehicle ‘power plants’.

Integrated smart tech

With people increasingly living their lives tied to mobile phones, it’s no surprise that automakers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to integrating smartphones into the cabin.

Products like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are becoming increasingly desirable, and big automakers are looking to make partnerships to develop advanced infotainment systems to keep drivers connected.

Over the coming years, we also expect HUD (head up displays) displaying driver info on the windscreen to become increasingly popular. Combine the two technologies, and it’s entirely possible we could be seeing personalised, location-based in-car marketing entering the cabin.

Driver health & safety monitoring

Whilst we’ve already seen insurance apps that monitor driving habits, lane warning change and blind spot trackers enter the market, this is just the start.

Ford is currently experimenting with active health monitoring systems, designed to track the vital statistics of the driver. From seatbelts that monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, to cars that automatically call an ambulance in the event of an accident – future cars look set to be safer than ever before.

Of course, there’s a downside to the potential of driver tracking tech – it’s easy to imagine a world where insurance companies have made in-car driving trackers compulsory!

The end of the key

Keyless entry has become increasingly popular, but in the future, biometric security could render the whole idea of a key obsolete.

The same fingerprint technology that enables you to unlock your smartphone could soon make its way into your vehicle, so you could unlock your car and start the engine using just your body. Eye-recognition or even face-recognition tech might provide an additional layer of security.

You’ll never have to worry about where you left your keys again!

A turbocharged future with AET

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