AET Sponsors a fundraising walk in Cumbria

Oct 8, 2014
AET Sponsors a fundraising walk in Cumbria 3

On the rainiest weekend in August, AET were one of the proud sponsors of a ‘3 Peaks 3 Lakes’ walk to help raise money to fund complimentary therapies for Kate Fisher, diagnosed earlier this year with multiple brain tumours (  A couple of our employees, Emma Sykes and Ellie Duncan, took part in the event and Emma gives us the following detailed account …

In short, we walked 3 Peaks and 3 Lakes over a typical Cumbrian Summer weekend i.e. rainy!  Joking aside, the route had to be amended as it could have been incredibly dangerous descending from Haystacks in the wind and the rain.

The amended route took us up to 3241ft on Day One and, when the wind blew hard (as it did at several points throughout the walk), the rain fairly stung on your cheeks!  However, our hardy crew, skilfully guided by the amazing Lorraine Grundy and ably assisted by Peter and Matthew, kept morale boosted and we had plenty of giggles and story swapping along the way.  Our back marker, Catrina Hudson, did a sterling job of ensuring that no-one felt rushed or stressed (allowing slower walkers such as myself to go at their own pace) and provided encouragement and technical advice to get through the trickier parts.

The stats for the whole route from Honister Pass to Swallow Barn were:-
16.8 miles (9-10 miles to Buttermere then a further 7-8 miles to the Barn)
3241ft ascent
3460ft descent

Ellie stuck it out for the full 16.8 miles which, with minimal training, was a massive achievement!  Sadly, I dropped out after 12 miles on the first day, my daughter having suffered a bit of a tumble coming down off the last fell at Buttermere village.

Also on Day One, Kate’s sister, Judith Cameron, organised an alternative option for the kiddies; starting at the car park at the bottom of the Scale Hill, walking down to Crummock, along the left side and up onto Rannerdale Knott and along to Buttermere where any children wishing to drop out could do so at this point.  From Buttermere the walk continued round the back of Melbreak, down to the Kirkstile and back to the car park.

The first day ended with the most amazing BBQ and evening entertainment with food and drink prepared and organised by Andrea & Richard Thompson and family as well as legendary salads and other goodies provided by Kate, Judith, Anita and Richard De La Riviere.  Everything was delicious and a more than welcome treat for walkers and supporters alike!  Entertainment was courtesy of Kate’s friends, Tim and Simon; a splendid, very talented duo who serenaded us with a perfect combination of live music and 80’s DJ’ing throughout the evening.  Suffice it to say the whole affair was truly magical and one we will remember with a smile for a long time to come!

On Day Two (still raining!) we stuck to the original plan and covered a total of 12 miles with 2300ft ascent.  The last leg of the walk was quite eventful and featured a photo opportunity with a fabulous Mountain Rescue Defender followed shortly after by a frantic young man (leaping up seemingly out of nowhere) asking if we’d seen a wedding ring that he’d lost en route during his own walk!  I’m pleased to report that both Ellie and I made it all the way to the ice cream van (at the end of the walk) … which is happily where ‘wedding ring man’s’ ring was found!!

In total we had 32 walkers on Day One (16 on the ‘big’ walk and 16 doing the ‘junior’ one) and 16 on Day Two … a tremendous achievement for all concerned.  The fundraising total is currently at a gobsmacking £9599 and the page remains open until 31st October 2014 so, if there is anyone still wishing to contribute just follow the link and click on the big ‘give now’ button … ‘thank you!’

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