First Of Many

With the release of our new e-commerce site we decided to keep you in the loop with regular posts on new products, services and just general information about what we do here at AET. 

Since 1974 we've been supplying the UK and now the rest of the world with high quality turbos and repairs. We started off in the workshop and now we're following the modern era with our brand new e-commerce site, set to help you find exactly what you need whether it be performance turbos, exchange turbos or just the accessories you've been searching for. 

Within the coming weeks we'll have more product, more content and even easier searching for all your turbo needs. All our products are detailed with their necessary counterpart accessories, OEM numbers for you to easily find the turbo for your vehicle as well as going the extra mile and giving you the vehicle models and year just in case you're unsure.

Not only that but we have a full sales team ready to answer your questions on 01924 588 266, for that extra guidance you might need before purchasing your turbo. We know these things can be complicated but we've been in the business for over 40 years and its our job to give you our experience and knowledge.

Here at AET we pride ourselves on the quality service we can give to you, the customer. The site is live, we're ready to answer your questions and queries and help you figure out all your turbo needs

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