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Sep 7, 2018
Holeshot Racing 3

Holeshot Racing have been customers of ours for a very longtime as well as their owner Jack ‘Frost’ being a good friend of ours. He specialises in fast road and racing bikes utilising our modded turbos to achieve new land speed records. 

Over the time we’ve been the supplier of Holeshot Racing, they’ve managed to achieve some incredible feats in the biking world all of which were accomplished with an AET modified turbo supplying the power.

Holeshot Racing 4
Holeshot Racing 7

Just to mention a few of the incredible feats Holeshot has accomplished:

  • His Zx10 turbo is now worlds fastest 1000cc bike wheelieing the kilo and at his gears event was outright the fastest bike. There was only two bikes at that years event to go over 200mph, he achieved 218!

  • He broke the 1350 production blown speed record taking it to 257 for standing mile
  •  Not to mention beating the landspeed record a few years ago! 

Seeing our modified turbos apply the power to reach the worlds fastest land speed record is quite satifying to say the least. Not to mention managing to produce 218mph while holding a wheelie for 1km is on a different level of daring. 

Holeshot Racing take part in many land speed events full of great performances and some exhilarating speeds, so if you’re interested feel free to give them a like and keep up to date with all the latest (soon to be) broken records!

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