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Owen Development GBT5476 Turbocharger

Owen Developments

  • £1,405.06

Owen Developments GBT-54

The 54mm frame GBT is suited for smaller capacity engines around 1.6-2.0 Litre. They are capable of producing power outputs up to 530hp. The wide range of compressor wheel and turbine housing options available for this unit means it can be customised for many applications and is a popular choice for twin turbocharging.


Model Compressor Wheel Dimensions  Turbine Wheel Dimensions
Inducer Exducer Trim Exducer Inducer Trim
GBT5476 55 76 52.4 47 54.4 74.5


Compressor Cover Turbine Housing Power Range
Options Options (HP)
Ma3, Ma5 NT3.0, NT3.1, NT3.3 450-530


Compressor Cover Options
Model Inlet Size Outlet Size A/R
Ma3 3" 2" 0.58
Ma5 4" 2" 0.61
Ma7 4" 2.5" 0.69

Turbine Housing Options
Model Inlet Outlet A/R
NT3.0 V-Band 3" V-Band 0.64
NT3.1 T3 3" V-Band 0.64
NT3.3 T25 5 Bolt IWG 0.64


Ceramic Coating.

The option to now have a ceramic coating on your Owen Developments turbo is one that can increase the thermal efficiency of the turbo meaning an increase to engine performance and reliability. The ceramic coating courtesy of Zircotec applies a 3mm layer around the housing which reduces heat loss and allows protection of vulnerable components near the exhaust.

Studies found that it can reduce exhaust surface temperatures by up to 33% and allowing possible reductions in exhaust temperature of >50 degrees Celsius.

As coating is around £200-250 but with this now standard on Owens turbos you can upgrade for around £100. 


The GBT units come with an anodised compressor wheel and compressor backplate as standard. In addition to giving the turbos excellent aesthetic appearance the anodising creates a protective layer on the aluminium that helps prevent oxidisation and increases resistance to scratching and wear.

Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled Bearing Housings.

Water cooling is commonly run through OEM and motorsport turbochargers, to help prevent against heat soak to the bearing system. However, where plumbing restrictions or packaging and weight saving is key there is an option to use an air only cooled bearing housing. GBT turbos specially designed air and oil cooled bearing housing has radial air fins, giving a large surface area. Heat soak is dissipated substantially more than just basic oil-cooling alone. Drawing heat away from the oil, bearing system and rotational assembly parts reduces oil breakdown rates and improves component longevity.

Ported Compressor covers.

Generally Ported shroud compressor covers with anti-surge ports is favoured, especially with larger wheel sizes, as it widens the safe operating zone within the compressor map, increases top end flow and protects against low down surge. The advantage with a non-ported compressor cover is that it is significantly quieter.


Without detriment to the purchaser's rights of law, all products sold will be investigated on an individual basis. Many, but not all products sold by Owen Developments (UK) Ltd are covered by a 12 month or 12000 mile (whichever is the soonest) against manufacturing defect warranty. There are no warranty provisions on any goods or products used in or related to Motorsport and associated activities.

Your ISO Guarantee.

ISO 9001 is an international Standard that acts as your guarantee that you will receive the same level of quality assurance and service from AET as you would do if you were dealing directly with the manufacturer.

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