Volkswagen Owners - Having problems with your turbo clamp?

Jan 4, 2018

This week we'll just add in a short update to inform users of Volkswagen vehicles of an issue from the turbo clamp connecting the core to the turbine housing (on certain models). 

We've had a large amount of phone calls requesting a repair on their current IHI turbo, and in analysing the turbo we've found its the camp thats to answer! 

If the clam goes in such a crucial area your turbo won't be working for much longer and even then its putting it at risk of even more damage. This usually wouldn't be an issue and would require a quick fix but unfortunately Volkswagen don't supply this clamp as a spare part. So yes what you're probably thinking is correct, the only way to fix it is to buy a brand new replacement turbo.

Now we doubt many of you would want to do such a thing which is why we've got you covered. We've found an exact match for the clamp and stocked ourselves up for all those unfortunate VW owners and the best part is they're only £15! 

For those wondering if they could be effected the clamp issue is for Volkswagens with a 1.8/2 litre TSI engine with a IHI turbo.

Don't get caught out buy your clamp today by just clicking here.

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