The Owen Developments GBT Range

Oct 30, 2017

We'll start by saying that we're incredibly pleased to be an official performance dealer of the Owen Developments performance turbos, a company who excel in both service and manufacture. 

The Owen Development GBT range was released in the late summer of last year and brought with it a range of turbos offering between 250-850hp. Using well engineered features and innovations combined with high quality parts to create an efficient and durable turbo. 

One improvement noticeable is that of the 'M-Spec upgrades, such as upgraded bearings cages and conical ‘bullet’ compressor nuts, which were an option on previous Owen Developments turbos are now standard on all options in the GBT range.' A plus side to any turbo when its already fitted with the upgrades you'll need for a better performing turbo. 


'The GBT range uses the race proven HTA billet aluminium compressor wheel. This wheel has been used previously by Owen Developments in BTCC, Indy Lights and a host of other applications with outstanding success due to their high flow and excellent spool characteristics. New compressor covers have been developed with unique volutes with the Owen Developments logo proudly displayed on the outlet. The GBT compressor covers are specifically designed to not allow the retaining bolts to penetrate into the volute, greatly reducing turbulence in the airflow.' 

The race proven and mulitple Championship winning HTA compressor wheel will feature in all  GBT turbochargers

Owen Developments have always offered an up-gradable bearing cage that deals with the most common problems found with ball bearing turbos and that is of course, bearing cage damage and ring seal leaks, they avoid these issues due to the 'bearing having a ramped profile before the compressor ring seal, deflecting oil away, as a side effect this makes servicing the bearing much simpler, reducing rebuild costs.'

Finally another big change is in the design of the turbine housings and wheels, aiming to increase the flow capacity of the turbo to unlock more power. 'Like the compressor covers the turbine housings are designed so that the retaining bolts do not protrude into the volute, this greatly reduces turbulence in the exhaust flow and helps prevent the housing from cracking under extreme heat.' All in all a great design to keep efficient power output while keeping Owen Development’s signature of unbeatable response.

As you can see there are many benefits to the new GBT Performance range from Owen Developments and if you'd like it summarised then just look below!


  • Turbochargers initially available rated from 250hp to 850hp across three frame sizes
  • Billet Aluminium HTA Compressor Wheels
  • HTA wheel proven in motorsport with over 200 wins last season
  • 5% power gain over HTA Compressor Wheels
  • 25% power gain over cast wheels

  • All compressor covers feature cast speed sensor and pressure tap bosses for easy installation
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing core

  • Choice of water or air cooled bearing housings
  • Turbine wheel cast from Inconel for high temperature operation
  • Turbine housings cast from D5S Ni-resist for high temperature operation
  • Built-in serviceable oil filter as standard on all GBT units
  • Replaces HTA M-Spec range; all M-Spec upgrades are standard on GBT turbos
  • Three stage precision balancing performed in-house at Owen Developments
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK
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