Team Cowie Racing

Aug 2, 2018
Team Cowie Racing

We’ve helped keep Team Cowie Racings turbo in top performance during their time in Group C at events such as Super Lap Scotland. Maintaining the quality and power needed to get them into top positions is something we’re especially proud of after they’re continual success in competition. 2017 saw them winning round 6 of the SLS.

Their lead driver said these kind words after a win at the SLS:


‘All thanks to you guys at AET, our win wouldn’t have been possible without your support’

Team Cowie Racing 3
Team Cowie Racing 2
Team Cowie Racing 1

Part of the job is feeling proud of our work and with Team Cowie Racing we know this will always be the case.

If you’re interested in following Team Cowie Racing then follow the link to their facebook page below and get the most recent developments in their racing season, from new tune up, to racing videos and live coverage.

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