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May 23, 2016
Jack Holeshot Racing | Top speed weekend results

AET Turbos has supported Jack at Holeshot racing over the years with turbos along with Turbosmart products helping Holeshot Racing breaking records.
Last weekend May 14th and 15th saw Jack at Elvington airfield for a speed record weekend.
Below is the weekend round up from Jack @ Holeshot Racing.

We were at Elvington airfield for the speed record weekend. We were running a standing start mile and there was another speed trap for flying 1/8th mile. We have had many big changes for this year, new Airtech streamlined bodywork, including rebuilt motors to 1340cc, new turbos, new carbon Dymag wheels with ceramic bearings.

There was a lot of work required fitting the body including making the front air intake and new exhaust system. As we have to run silenced at Elvington rather than run the exhaust out the side, we spent a lot of time making the exhaust stay inside the body and exit out the rear.

Further changed included fitting new bars so I can get lower on the bike, which helps a lot as I have very little movement in my right wrist due to many injuries over the years. We then needed to fit new Brembo master cylinders to make everything fit and move the dash and wiring modifications as well as allot of other fabrication work.


The bikes will be painted in our colours before the next event, but we simply ran out of time to do it for this one, so apologies to anyone who does not have their logo on the bikes.

Saturday was windy with side winds gusting up to 25mph. I still chose to run the body to see what it would be like, I was nearly blown into the field. So ran the next run with just the front fairing, this was nearly as bad , so we simply removed the fairings and I ran the a naked bike the rest of Saturday and did some fun runs.

I managed to run 225mph on a naked bike and some fast wheelie runs, doing 206, 209 and 211mph wheelies through the speed traps. (I had previously ran 243mph naked).

Sunday was good weather so we put the body back on and just waited for the wind to drop to nothing. I ran 256mph into the first speed trap, but rolled off after getting slightly unstable and being a bit apprehensive of how it would go and went through the finish at 251. I am gutted I rolled off as I am sure it would have been 270+mph.

After such a respectable first run we had a few small problems with gear shifting, so we need to check this out for the next event.

This allowed a couple of runs on the turbo Kawasaki ZX10, which has now got 2016 race fairings fitted to save some weight and is a slightly better shape at the front.

I had taken the ZX10 to do a wheelie speed and concentrate on the Hayabusa for top speed, so we did not have speed gearing on the zx10. It is an awesome bike and simply went onto the rev limiter and did 209mph. I have ran 229 on the zx10 before on a standing mile and this bike has a lot to come. It is also still used as a track day and fun bike.

Overall it was not a bad weekend including learning a few things regarding the Hayabusa. We did 255 rolling off to 30% throttle and only using an average of 54% throttle for the full run. It was still frustrating for me that we did not have a full run under full power and same with the Kawasaki that we did not have gearing with us. All the bikes use Ohlins suspension and we are going back to stronger rear springs. We have gone softer and softer for rear grip, but have gone too far and need to go stiffer for stability.

As some consolation Steve Bland on my other Hayabusa ran his personal best at 251, Mike Grainger and Les Marsh also doing 249mph, so we were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in speed rankings

Roll on the next event


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