AET Turbos Overhaul Historic Motorsport Turbos

Jun 3, 2016
AET Turbos Overhaul Historic Motorsport Turbos

If you are interested in Motorsport and GT racing, you will have heard of United Autosport. Just recently they have been at Paul Richard circuit testing with some historic vehicles and famous drivers.

With the likes of David Coulthard, Mika hakkinen and Daniel Ricciardo can be seen driving a selection of cars. United Autosport have provided AET with the turbos from the Porsche 962 and Porsche 935 JLP-3 to be overhauled. With over 42 years of turbo experience AET Turbos have the knowledge and recourses to overhaul turbos regardless of brand or age.  The next turbos due to be overhauled is Ayrton Sennas 1986 John Player special featuring an engine capable of 1225bhp with a top speed of 216mph and 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Below are the vehicle specification of the 2 Porsches that we have had the privilege of being able to working on.

1986 Porsche 962
Chassis: 120
Manufacturer: Porsche
Series: IMSA
Team: Dyson Racing
Driver: Price Cobb, Rob Dyson, James Weaver
Performance Stats: 800bhp , 0-60 in 4secs, top speed 240mph
Turbo:  AET overhauled Garrett T42

The chassis won in its debut at the 1986 Six Hours of Riverside, commencing a streak of four podium finishes to start the season. Additional wins were earned at Charlotte and Sears Point. Price Cobb finished second in the 1986 IMSA GTP Championship and Dyson Racing win its second Porsche Cup.

1981 Porsche 935 JLP-3 IMSA
Chassis: JLP-3
Manufacturer: Porsche
Series: IMSA Camel GT Championship
Team: JLP Racing
Driver: Rolf Stommelen, John Paul Sr and John Paul Jr
Performance Stats: 750bhp,  0-60 in 3.5 secs, top speed 230mph
Turbo: AET overhauled twin KKK 2K27

The JLP-3 is believed to be the most successful Porsche 935. It is the only car to win both the Daytona 24 Hours and the Sebring 12 Hours in the same year (1982). It recorded an unprecedented seven consecutive first place finished from Pococo in September 1982 to Charlotte in Mat 1982. Raced by John Paul Sr. And his son John Paul Jr, the car also won the 1982 IMSA Camel GT Championship and scored five consecutive race wins and 16 podium finishes in 26 races.

AET are here to help when things go wrong, and with more than 40 years experience working on turbochargers of all types, we provide a full range of repairs and high quality replacements designed to get you back on the road.

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